'A brand is a living thing that needs to be nurtured and cherished. Only then can a brand grow beyond and survive all others.'

Rob Severein has the rare talent to create a world of their very own for brands. A dynamic and vital universe with its own forms, imagery, colors and symbolism. He brings brands to life and highlights the features that distinguish the brand of the gray mediocrity. Rob is a perfectionist and an esthete. He is a concept maker, art director and designer. A strategist. His work is distinguished by the high artistic quality, attention to detail and flawless execution.

While sitting down with the client Rob comes into its own. He loves sparring, questioning and discussion in order to get to the essence and roots of a brand. Only when he feels where the brand comes from and where it wants to go, he gets to work.

Rob is cocky in a pleasant way. He has strong beliefs about what is good and what is bad communication. About what is and is not appropriate for a brand. He never evades a good discussion as long as cultivating the brand is central.

During his career, Rob worked for reputable agencies like Ogilvy and Proximity (now part of FHV/BBDO). In 2004 he was co-founder of the highly creative and successful agency &KoenseSeverein. 

Brands like Hertog Jan, AEGON, Citroën, BTA, Terschelling, Felix cat food, Ben, and - most recently - KETEL 1, Avans University and Beter Horen owe much to Rob and his efforts. He is at home in the analog and digital world. In print, on radio and TV. For his work he received national and international acclaim and won numerous awards and distinctions like ADCN, Effie, Esprix, Cannes Lions, Echoes, etc.

P.M. Burgman, writer and strategist

Since 2011 Rob Severein studio is involved in concept development and strategy in the field of communication and products, art direction, copywriting and design. From brand campaigns and stories to activation concepts. From TV and online to live brand experiences.

Available for agencies and direct clients.

Guest lecturer at VEA.



Terms of delivery on request.