De wil van Dave Deutsch. En alles wat ertussen kwam. | AEGON | Strategy, concept, design & copy | 2005-2006

Changes in the health care legislation in the Netherlands mean that (long-term) illnesses of employees could have major financial consequences for entrepreneurs. They can insure themselves against this Work Income Act (WIA) with the AEGON Healthy Work Plan. In this introduction campaign, we make the problem tangible and transparent with the case of Dave Deutsch, founder of De Fietsfabriek, who is confronted with the illness report of his employee Frank Augusteijn.

STRATEGY & CONCEPT Rob Severein, Martin Vesseur DESIGN Ine Reijnen, Rob Severein COPY Roland van Beveren, Martin Vesseur PHOTOGRAPHY Morad Bouchakour SOUNDSTUDIO Kees Kroot’s Soundcircus


Main mailing. Insurance intermediaries received Frank Augusteijn's personnel file (42) via 'internal mail'. In the file we follow Frank's employment history, from his first job application at De Fietsfabriek to his illness report. Then we read about the consequences for his employer Dave Deutsch as an entrepreneur, his ambitions and all the things he still has in mind with his company.


Frank Augusteijn's first application for a vacancy at De Fietsfabriek and the AEGON Healthy Work Plan. The answer to the WIA.


Frank Augusteijn's illness report followed by all the administrative hassle an entrepreneur has to deal with. The file concludes with a calculation by Dave Deutsch's accountant of what this sick leave would cost him after the introduction of the WIA.


Invitation mailing. Frank Augusteijn's appointment card of the hospital where he is under treatment. Including the personal punched plate. It is an invitation to insurance intermediaries for a series of meetings at which AEGON specialists explain what entrepreneurs will have to deal with after introduction of the WIA and how intermediaries can advise their clients on how to do this.


The invitation once again includes Dave Deutsch together with three other entrepreneurs. The purpose of the meeting is explained and the locations and dates are mentioned. A reply card completes the mailing.

Radio campaign with Frans Bromet as a spokesperson. He asks entrepreneurs if they are aware of the consequences of the upcoming WIA … (click on the images if you like).

In ‘Ondernemerstaal’, a special live radio broadcast from the DeSmet in Amsterdam host Frans Bromet continues talks with these entrepreneurs. Listen here (or click on the image if you like).