Hertog Jan. Dilemma van Arcen | AB Inbev | strategy, concept and design | 2004

Gerard van den Broek, the man behind Hertog Jan, has brewed two new specialty beers. However, there is a dilemma, he cannot choose. So he calls on the help of beer lovers in the Netherlands. During a number of weeks there can be tasted and voted. In the horeca but also at home with the help of special six-packs. The beer with the most votes is included in the assortment. Discover the Dilemma of Arcen.

We designed the six-packs, all the retail materials (crate wraps, ceiling hangers, posters and shelf strips), materials to be used in the horeca (voting cards, felt, flag line and posters) and did the one-to-one communication and press kits.

CONCEPT AND STRATEGY Rob Severein, Twan Thorn, Gerard Foekema, Annemiek den Uil DESIGN Rob Severein COPY Marijke Liebregts, Rob Severein 

CONCEPT FILM Gerard Foekema, Annemiek den Uil, Rob Severein, Twan Thorn DIRECTOR Will van der Vlugt PRODUCTION COMPANY Caramel Pictures DOP Ronald Koetsier PRODUCER Marlies van Heese SOUND STUDIO Studio Alfred Klaassen AGENCIES &KoenseSeverein, UbachsWisbrun 

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