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Mad Avenue. Activation avant la lettre. A classic | SONY Nederland | Concept, art direction | 1993

An imaginary shopping street consisting of 'gifts and goodies' and where shopping was 'fun, fabulous and free'. Packaged in a paving stone directly from Mad Ave. An extremely successful incentive programme aimed at SONY resellers.

STRATEGY AND CONCEPT Rob Severein, Robin Blitzblum, Rob van der Wulp ART Rob Severein COPY Rob van der Wulp ARTWORK Huntley Muir


A pavement stone as if it came straight from Mad Avenue.


Introduction sheet which explains everything you need to know about shopping on Mad Avenue.


Frontpage of the big size folder ‘Mad map’ with artwork of the brilliant London based duo Huntley Muir.


MAD AVENUE. Where shopping is fun, fabulous and free!


A real audio tour on Mad Avenue! In a fun way, a tour guide will show you around in the brochure and explain the various sights so you know what you're saving for.


The Mad Banking Corp. A 'banking system' to keep track of the points you have saved and the goodies you have ordered. Of course the bank was located on Mad Avenue.