WINDMEE® van Eneco | Eneco | Product proposition, name design & campaign | 2013

Sustainable, local, social and profitable. Imagine, power coming from wind that is blowing in your hometown. Generated just around the corner, at competitive local rates. And, the stronger the wind blows, the higher the annual discount. Moreover, as a resident you get the unique opportunity to participate in the new wind farm through lucrative bonds. How great would that be?

Commissioned by The USP Company and Eneco we translated this local proposition in a unique product concept: WindMee® by Eneco. 

CONCEPT Rob Severein, Martijn Benschop, ART & COPY Rob Severein


In this local marcom concept consumer benefit is key. The benefit you derive from the annual WindMee© discount and from the highly attractive interest rate on the bonds. With so much benefit, participants do not only literally but also figuratively enjoy WindMee® (tailwind).


From now on Houten and Cadzand enjoy WindMee® (tailwind). With discounts on your energy bill that can be as high as (..) percent locally.

iPhone App.jpg

Monitoring your personal benefits on a personal mobile site that also provides the latest local weather conditions and CO2 compensation figures.